A woman and children gather safe drinking water from the tap Oxfam has installed in Huth IDP camp. Photo: Kate Wiggans/Oxfam

Two years of war have plunged Yemen into one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises and put the country at risk of famine. Now it is at the mercy of a deadly and rapidly spreading cholera epidemic that if not contained will threaten the lives of thousands of people in the coming months. Help us stop the spread now.

One person in three in the world lives in poverty.

Oxfam is determined to change that world by mobilizing the power of people against poverty.

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Migrants tell of horrific abuses in Libya, while EU readies plan for more cooperation

While EU governments are meeting in Tallinn today to approve plans for more cooperation with Libya in order to stop people from entering Europe, Oxfam and its partners are hearing new accounts of murder, torture and other horrific abuses being suffered by refugees and other people who have fled through Libya - a place they call “hell”.