Central African Republic

Oxfam hygienist  in Castor Camp in Central African Republic. Photo credit: Vincent Tremeau / Oxfam

The continuing conflict in the Central African Republic has displaced tens of thousands of people both internally within the country and within neighboring states.

This fragile state has left many families struggling to meet their basic needs. 

Oxfam in the Central African Republic

Oxfam has been present in the capital city Bangui since January 2014 and in Bria since August of the same year.

Our team of local and international staff based in the Central African Republic are supported by technical consultants from across Oxfam’s network. They are experts in running humanitarian programs in the fields of water, sanitation, hygiene, food security and livelihoods as well as elements of security and gender.

In Bangui our work includes production and supply of water, principally by truck, to internal displacement camps, repair and maintenance of sanitation facilities and hygiene promotion activities. Since the end of 2014, we have been working to enable the conditions necessary for displaced persons to return to their locations of origin. In addition, we have begun a new program in the area of food security and protection.

In Bria, where we began operating in August 2014, our work focuses on meeting the immediate needs of the population. Our work includes water and sanitation projects (drilling, repair of water points, construction of lavatories..) and access to food and other basic necessities (distribution of food coupons, hygiene kits, cooking utensils, distribution of seeds, support of vegetable cultivation and promotion of good practices in hygiene and nutrition).