Oxfam has been working in Cuba since 1991, in partnership with local organizations and in support of equitable and sustainable socio-economic development.  Oxfam has positioned itself primarily as a development partner of Cuban civil society, working to pilot innovative approaches, document experience and learning, and then actively disseminate these for wider policy and practice influence.  In this role, we have made an important contribution supporting a range of innovations related to urban agriculture, community economic development, violence against women, and risk reduction and humanitarian response.

Oxfam in Cuba

Economic reforms initiated in Cuba in 2008 bring both opportunities and challenges: there is much that Cubans would like to see change and improve in their lives, but also much that they want to protect and secure – not least the high standards of social security and economic equality achieved since the Revolution, particularly for women and the most vulnerable sectors of the Cuban population.  In this context, Oxfam works with Cuban partners on three key issues that they identify as priority concerns:

  • We support efforts to empower women and promote new social norms related to gender – and more broadly to advance women’s rights at a national level, focusing on violence against women as a particularly critical issue.
  • We are contributing to the development of a fair and sustainable food system in Cuba through improvements in production and marketing among small farmers, and by strengthening the local and national institutions that support these men and women.   
  • We are helping Cuba become more resilient to disaster, working with communities and national institutions to reduce risks, adapt to the impacts of climate change, and respond to disasters more effectively when they do occur.