Oxfam has been working in Cuba since 1993 with local partners to support equitable and sustainable development. We work in municipalities, with national organizations and with regional groups to promote South-South experience sharing around active citizenship and participation, gender equality and risk reduction.

Our work

Focused on the Eastern Provinces of Cuba, we work at the local level with partner organizations to improve communities’ capacities to promote participation, food security, gender equality and disaster risk reduction.

Women's rights

We work to ensure that women’s voices are heard and respected and to strengthen local capacities and public awareness to fight against violence against women.

Responding to emergencies

We support communities to be better prepared to respond to hurricanes and other natural disasters and provides humanitarian support if local capacities are overthrown.

Strengthening civil society

Our national engagement with partners focuses on strengthening capacities for active citizenship. Regionally, Oxfam supports South-South learning exchanges and Cubans participation in international networks, mostly in Central America and the Caribbean.