Democratic Republic of Congo


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One of Africa’s largest countries, with a population of 65 million, DRC is ranked in the bottom 10 countries worldwide on the Human Development Index, despite its vast potential wealth. Years of conflict have created one of the world's worst humanitarian crises. People's suffering is aggravated by the wider economic and political situation in the country.

  • An estimated 6 million people have lost their lives since 1998, most of them from preventable diseases. Rape and destruction remain a powerful weapon of war.
  • The total number of people displaced in Congo is 3.8 million making it the largest displacement crisis in Africa.
  • It is also home to nearly 500,000 refugees from Burundi, Central Africa Republic and South Sudan.
  • More than three million people are severely food insecure, with acute malnutrition well above the 10 percent emergency threshold in the worst-off communities.
  • Conflict in the Kasai region has displaced around 1,3 million people, internally and externally. It is more than in any country.

Oxfam in the Democratic Republic of Congo

OXFAM in DRC works in both development and emergency projects toward the most vulnerable communities. We deploy programs of WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene), Livelihood, Gender, Protection and Governance. Our emergency response focus on providing clean water and sanitation facilities to minimize the spread of disease.

Women Rights

Oxfam works with Congolese women associations and feminists' groups to promote women rights. This includes work on challenging social norms regarding gender roles and gender power relations as well as legal frame works to promote gender justice in the DRC.


Oxfam works with communities and with structured civil society to reinforce accountability between duty-bearers and citizens. The governance work includes the Protection programme in the East by which local communities and very specially women groups, identify protection threats and engage with duty bearers to find local solutions. Oxfam also pay special attention to Governance in Extractive Industries.


Oxfam supports Congolese farmers by reinforcing farmers cooperatives across the country to increase productivity and commercialization, allowing farmers to obtain better revenues from their activity and by strengthening their institutions so they have a stronger voice at local, provincial and national level.

Water and sanitation

Oxfam works across DRC to increase the access to clean water sanitation and to promote behavior change on hygiene habits that will improve community health and decrease water and hygienic related illness.

Humanitarian response

Playing a leading role as a national humanitarian actor, Oxfam provides quick, high quality humanitarian assistance to Congolese people affected by crisis. Oxfam humanitarian response consist of WASH, Emergency Food Security and Vulnerable Livelihoods (EFSVL) and Protection. On WASH Oxfam provides lifesaving access to water and sanitation to people affected by crisis; on EFSVL Oxfam is prioritizing cash distribution or food vouchers to stimulate the local market, including local producers. Protection is mainstreamed into all humanitarian work.

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