Oxfam Liaison Office to the African Union


Present in Addis Ababa since 2006 to engage with the African Union (AU) and enable citizen’s participation, Oxfam International formally set up a liaison office to the African Union in recognition of the fact that the African Union is a positive force for realizing social, economic, political and cultural rights of Africans. At the center of this, we belief that the primary agency for change on the continent lies with African citizens and African organizations. 

Our Liaison office to the AU has been carrying out three main programs:

  • Active citizenship in the Affairs of the African Union: The office supports civil society organizations and ordinary African citizens to engage with the African Union and be part of the policy debates and decisions that affect their lives. This role is in line with the AU’s vision of a people-driven organization as well as to build an integrated, prosperous Africa, an Africa driven and managed by its own citizen and representing a dynamic force in the international arena.
  • Peace, Security and Humanitarian Affairs
  • Extractive Industries

Contact information

TK Building 2, Suite 602, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 
Twitter: @Oxfam_AU

General enquiries: addisababa@oxfaminternational.org