Policies, plans and reports

Our commitment to accountability

We are committed to being open about our work so that we can be accountable to the communities we work with, our partner organizations and to our donors and supporters.

To that end we are pleased to invite you to find out more about how we work, who we work with and our progress against strategic goals.

How we work

The work of the global Oxfam confederation is governed by our board based on our Constitution and driven by our commitment to human rights.

We have made a commitment to manage our program work under a single management structure to make a greater impact on the lives of those living in poverty.

Who we work with

In order to achieve maximum impact we work with a range of partners and allies from corporate suppliers to global campaign alliances to local implementing partners.

You can find out more about Oxfam partnerships from an Oxfam near you.

Oxfam's Partnership Principles

Employees Code of Conduct

We share a common vision, common philosophies and, to a large extent, common working practices.  As we work to achieve our ambition and vision of ‘a just world without poverty’ we should always remain true to our core mission, aims and values. To ensure this, each Oxfam staff member signs our Employee Code of Conduct.

Our Strategic Plan, Annual Report and Financial Accounts

"The Power of People Against Poverty", Oxfam Strategic Plan 2013 - 2019

  • In our fourth strategic plan, we set out an integrated approach to tackle poverty by addressing its complex and interrelated causes. By combining our hands-on experience in helping people in emergencies with our grass-roots development work and innovative campaigning, we offer a bold new approach to reducing poverty, hunger and inequality.
  • We envision a world in which people can influence the decisions that affect their lives, everyone can enjoy their rights and assume their responsibilities as active citizens and all human beings are valued and treated equally.

Taking stock - OSP Evaluation: What the Indicative Outcome Areas tell us about Oxfam’s contribution to transformational change

Annual Reports

Oxfam annual reports provide an overview of the work of the Oxfam Confederation and show how we are keeping our accountability commitments.

Our financial accounts show where our money comes from and how we spend it.