EU measures to block migrants in Libya leave people in danger

Published: 19th October 2017

At an EU summit in Brussels today, heads of state and government have reiterated their approach of blocking migration to Europe at all costs.

In reaction, Oxfam International’s Deputy Director for Advocacy and Campaigns, Natalia Alonso, said:

“EU governments are pretending they are solving a migration ‘problem’ because the number of people arriving in Europe has decreased. However, that only means people in need of help are stuck in Libya, without any improvement of their situation.

“Increasing the number of people who are resettled to Europe is a good first step, but the numbers are hardly enough, and it cannot be the only help Europe is offering. A long-term solution is not to build even higher walls, but to invest in long-term development and security for people.”

Notes to editors

  • Spokespeople are available in Brussels for interviews and background.
  • A recent Oxfam report based on testimonies of migrants who escaped from Libya exposes rape, torture and the abuse faced by migrants in the country.
  • Oxfam calls for a change of approach in the EU’s Migration Agenda, which sets Europe’s policies on migration. An Oxfam report, based on extensive field experience, highlights the danger, abuse and denial of basic rights, that people face linked to the Migration Agenda’s policies. Oxfam has developed eight principles for a more humane and effective approach.
  • Read more about Oxfam’s work with refugees and other migrants in Europe and across the globe.

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