Major US Companies and Retired Military Officials Call On Obama to Act on International Climate Finance

Published: 3rd December 2010

Diverse Group of Businesses and National Security Leaders Call for Creation of Global Climate Fund

Cancun, Mexico- Twelve major companies employing many thousands of Americans including Pepsi Co, Levi Strauss & Co., Nike Inc., Starbucks and eBay Inc. and sixteen high level retired Generals and Admirals today released letters to President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton calling for them to lead the effort to establish an equitable, effective and accountable global climate fund at the UN climate change negotiations in Cancun.

The letters send a clear message of support from major leaders in the American business community and military experts who are squarely behind American led efforts to forge agreement on international climate finance.  The letters show that these efforts will protect US economic interests from the increasing threats of climate change, build new opportunities to create jobs and protect US national security.
"Effective climate finance abroad will contribute significantly to equitable economic growth at home," states the letter from businesses released today in Cancun.  "It will create employment opportunities, generate demand globally for U.S. technologies and services, and facilitate innovation in multiple sectors."

The letters warn that a failure to act on these crucial priorities will put US national security and global stability at risk resulting in damaging economic uncertainty and spiraling fiscal cost.

“Providing financing for international climate preparedness and adaptation programs is a vital component of reducing global security threats,” states the letter from military officials.  “Building climate preparedness in the most vulnerable nations around the globe is among the most effective ways to promote US national and international security from climate-related disasters.  Taking this action will also save our country significant resources and assets.”

“We can crack the climate finance nut with innovative sources that don’t burden taxpayers or the deficit,” said Heather Coleman, Climate Change Policy Advisor for Oxfam. “Continued leadership from the Administration will be critical to making progress here in Cancun.”

We can crack the climate finance nut with innovative sources that don’t burden taxpayers or the deficit
Heather Coleman
Oxfam Climate Change Policy Advisor

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