Oxfam reaction to Ethiopia's Intended Nationally Determined Contribution to the UNFCCC

Published: 10th June 2015

In response to today's submission of Ethiopia's Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) to the UNFCCC, Tim Gore, Oxfam's international climate adviser, made the following statement:

"Oxfam welcomes the ambitious INDC from Ethiopia, as it sets far-reaching short-term and long-term goals on adaptation and reducing emissions. The emission reduction target of at least 64% by 2030 underpins the country's strategy, which counts on the active participation of all citizens in achieving the planned goals, in particular farmers and pastoralists. Ethiopia’s INDC also aims to integrate actions that improve the status of women and the welfare of children.

"Ethiopia's strategy to build a climate resilient green economy is showing the way to rich countries - from Australia to Japan - who have yet to announce their final countries commitments ahead of the critical climate summit in Paris in December.

"To deliver this plan, international climate finance will be essential. This shows why it is imperative that rich countries deliver on their existing commitments on climate finance, including to the Green Climate Fund, and prepare to make new ones in Paris for the post-2020 period."

Notes to editors

Ethiopia intends to limit its net GHG emissions in 2030 to 145 Mt CO2e or lower. This would constitute a 255 MtCO2e reduction from the BAU emissions in 2030 or 64% by 2030 from the BAU scenario. This emission reduction target encompasses actions in all major emitting sectors including agriculture, forestry, energy and transport, among others.

Ethiopia's complete INDC can be found here: http://www4.unfccc.int/submissions/indc/Submission%20Pages/submissions.aspx

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