Oxfam reaction to International Ebola conference in Brussels

Published: 3rd March 2015

Today the Presidents of the three Ebola affected countries and senior figures from the UN, African Union and EU gathered in Brussels to discuss how to eradicate the virus and how to address recovery needs. 

In response to the outcomes, Debbie Hillier, Oxfam’s policy lead on Ebola, said:  

“Today’s conference was a useful first step on the long road to recovery but much more needs to be done.

"Donors have pledged to make children in Liberian schools safer and healthier post-Ebola with clean water and proper sanitation – they should now step up in the same way to address other areas of acute need.

"That means ongoing support to help the affected countries get to zero cases and reboot their shattered economies. Communities in Liberia and Sierra Leone who have endured Ebola's six-month reign of horror have told us they are desperate to feed their families and start to earn a living again. 

“Before next month’s World Bank spring meetings, leaders must now turn this dialogue into solid commitments to get families back on their feet through an immediate cash injection, investment in jobs and essential services like health, water and sanitation, in particular in Liberia where cases are very low.” 


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