Oxfam reaction to the UN General Assembly mandating meeting in wake of any Security Council veto

Published: 29th April 2022

In response to this week’s UN General Assembly Resolution that automatically mandates the UN General Assembly to meet within 10 days in wake of any UN Security Council veto, Oxfam’s Head of the UN New York Office, Brenda Mofya said,

“Oxfam welcomes this Resolution that will enable the UN Security Council (UNSC) to fulfill its mandate of ensuring peace and security; and to effectively address concerns that UNSC permanent members are undermining its mandate by abusing their veto power. The Resolution will facilitate conflict prevention, management, and resolution which the world desperate needs today, bringing a greater sense of equity to matters considered at the UN level. As proven during COVID-19 and many other global challenges we’re all facing together, multilateralism and cooperation is more important than ever. The UN reform to make these more possible is overdue. This vote demonstrates that the UN can take swift and decisive action when backed by strong and collective political will. We hope to see more of that in tackling other urgent issues of our time.”