Oxfam reacts to Norway pledge to Green Climate Fund

Published: 5th December 2014

Last night Norway announced that it has doubled its pledge to the Green Climate Fund to approximately $230 million USD, bringing the fund slightly closer to the lower end of the unofficial $10-15 billion target range.

In response to this new pledge, Kelly Dent, lead for Oxfam at the Lima COP, said:

“More financial support for the Green Climate Fund is always welcome and we applaud Norway for increasing their commitment. Several developed countries including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Iceland, Greece and Portugal have still failed to offer their support. The Fund has just barely reached the minimum level it needs to get off the ground, but this is still only the first step in achieving the financial support required to enable climate action in developing countries. Negotiators in Lima must not rest on their laurels, a roadmap for how countries will meet the $100 billion annual commitment is urgently needed.” 

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