Oxfam response to the legal developments to alleged crimes against Rohingya

Published: 17th November 2019

Oxfam welcomed the recent legal developments concerning the alleged crimes against humanity committed against the Rohingya people in 2017, as important steps towards attaining international justice and accountability.

The Head of Oxfam’s Rights in Crisis Campaign, Fionna Smyth, said: "These cases are an important first step towards accountability and respect for international law. The allegations raised in UN reports of horrific violence against the Rohingya people in 2017 should be scrutinized in an independent court.

"We urge other nations to voice their support for these vital judicial processes. The rights of all those involved must be respected, and the international community should take particular care to ensure that women and girls in vulnerable situations are helped to participate safely.”

Razida_, 35 carries her ten month old son Anisul through Unchiprang Camp in Bangladesh

Razida*, 35 carries her ten-month-old son Anisul* through Unchiprang Camp in Bangladesh."They burned my home and shot my husband dead. The women and children ran away - we were safe, but the attackers surrounded the men and killed them so they couldn’t bring us anything, we had to even borrow money to cross the border. Photo credit: Tommy Trenchard / Oxfam/29 September 17