Oxfam response to the New Alliance meeting prior to the 2013 G8 Summit, Lough Erne, Northern Ireland

Published: 10th June 2013

In response to the New Alliance meeting prior to the G8 Summit later this month, Oxfam’s Economic Justice Adviser Hannah Stoddart said:

"The New Alliance as it stands is not the answer to decades of under-investment in agriculture. Mobilizing private sector investment is important but it cannot replace urgently needed public funds.

"Further public investment in agriculture is crucial so the small-scale farmers and women who need it most can be reached. Significant reform of the New Alliance is needed to ensure it benefits small-holder farmers - as suggested so many times today - and that it isn't forcing through policies that undermine poor people's land and other rights."

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Oxfam will have a team at the G8 in Northern Ireland.

For information, interviews or briefings, contact Lucy Brinicombe, +44(0)7786 110054 / lbrinicombe@oxfam.org.uk

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