UN Security Council must call for immediate ceasefire after bombing of fish market and hospital in the city of Hudaydah

Published: 3rd August 2018

Oxfam has condemned Thursday's attacks and has called on all parties to the conflict to respect international law and protect civilians from harm. The attack came as the UN Security Council met to discuss the situation in Yemen, during which the UN Special Envoy announced that parties would meet in Geneva in September. This is a welcome step towards revitalising peace efforts.

In the meantime, the violence, including the escalation in the city and governorate of Hudaydah, must be addressed. All parties to the conflict must protect civilians from the violence and end attacks like today’s horrific incident. The UN Security Council needs to condemn this and all attacks, call for an immediate ceasefire, and for all parties to ensure the free flow of vital goods through the port to where they are needed. 

Yemen is on the brink of starvation, the cholera season is upon it and the war continues unabated. Powerful members of the Security Council cannot sit on their hands and allow this to continue to get worse. All parties to the conflict must take immediate steps to end fighting and come to the table for talks to achieve lasting peace without any further delay.

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