UN to send more troops to South Sudan: Oxfam's reaction

Published: 24th December 2013

Commenting on the decision for the UN to send more troops to South Sudan, John Watt, Oxfam’s Deputy Regional Director for East Africa, currently in South Sudan said:

“Protecting the innocent people caught up in the violence in South Sudan must be the number one priority and the welcome decision of the Security Council to send more troops will help the United Nations in providing security for thousands desperately in need.

“We urge their swift deployment and in particular reinforcements to be sent to the areas where humanitarian needs are the most severe. Troops brought in should also ensure civilians are protected in and around UN bases throughout the country, and in the capital Juba where over 30,000 people have fled to for safety.

“Hostilities must be brought to an end as soon as possible and over the Christmas and New Year period international pressure must continue so that all parties to the conflict stop fighting and the country is brought back from the precipice.”

Contact information

Oxfam's East and Central Africa Deputy Regional Director John Watt is in Juba, South Sudan and available for interviews.

For more information, please contact:

  • Georgette Thomas: gthomas@oxfam.org.uk / mobile +44 (0)7824 503108 (in UK)
  • Jonaid Jilani: jjilani@oxfam.org.uk / mobile +44 (0)7810 181514 (in UK)

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