What does Oxfam think about reports of Ethiopian troops entering Somalia?

Published: 21st November 2011

Oxfam is extremely concerned about the humanitarian impact of any foreign military intervention in Somalia – no matter who it involves – as it is taking place at a time when humanitarian needs are already critically high. There is a food crisis in Somalia and hundreds of thousands of lives are at risk – the immediate priority has to be getting aid to people in Somalia. Any escalation in fighting risks making a major humanitarian crisis even worse. It is much more important to work towards diplomatic solutions, rather than military solutions.

We fear any increase in fighting could cause more civilian casualties, and further restrict humanitarian access to people in need, making it more difficult to provide food, water and other life-saving aid. People are fleeing the most unimaginable suffering and arrive at camps desperate for aid and it is crucial that people’s right to seek refuge in surrounding countries is upheld.

Contact information

Geno Teofilo (Somalia): +254 20 374 1951 / +254 737 500 035