World Bank accountability body launches investigation into IFC investment in Bridge International Academies

Published: 25th October 2019

The World Bank’s Compliance Advisor Ombudsman (CAO) announced today that it will launch a formal investigation into investments made by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) in for-profit multinational school chain Bridge International Academies.

Oxfam’s Senior Policy Advisor for Public Services Katie Malouf Bous said:

“This is a landmark case and it should be a wake-up call. The CAO’s decision to launch a full investigation is appropriate and we look forward to the results being taken seriously by IFC management.

"This is an important moment to take stock of the adverse impacts of funding profit-driven education, and for the IFC to apply the brakes on such investments, which are increasing inequality.”

Notes to editors

Download the CAO’s Compliance Appraisal report.

In April 2018, CAO received a complaint from the East Africa Centre for Human Rights (EACHRights), a Kenyan NGO, on behalf of current and former parents and teachers regarding IFC’s investment in Bridge International Academies in Kenya.

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