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  • COP28 draft text a “scandal that has failed us all”

    11 December 2023
  • Oxfam reaction to the possibility of “abatement” language in the final text of COP28

    11 December 2023
  • UN Security Council must reconvene and pass resolution for ceasefire: aid agencies

    8 December 2023
  • Abject failure to forge ceasefire means international community complicit in unfolding catastrophe in Gaza

    6 December 2023
  • Forgotten frontlines: looking at the climate finance going to fragile and conflict affected states in 2019-20

    5 December 2023
  • Conflict-ravaged countries pushed into “debt traps” by climate funding

    5 December 2023
  • New climate and tax taskforce must make rich polluters pay 

    2 December 2023
  • Oxfam reaction to renewal of hostilities in Gaza; humanitarian pause ends

    1 December 2023
  • Oxfam applauds progress on setting up loss and damage fund at COP28 —but sufficient money is crucial next step

    30 November 2023
  • Mont des Arts Lit Up With Remarkable Projection Demanding Ceasefire

    29 November 2023
  • Babies dying from preventable causes in besieged Gaza - Oxfam

    23 November 2023
  • Gaza humanitarian pause “a band-aid to a bleeding wound” - Oxfam

    22 November 2023
  • El Niño rains wreak havoc in East Africa as humanitarian funds continue to dwindle - Oxfam

    21 November 2023
  • EU’s richest 10% emit as much planet-heating emissions as half the EU’s poorest population

    20 November 2023
  • Richest 1% emit as much planet-heating pollution as two-thirds of humanity

    20 November 2023
  • Gaza water supply is just 17 percent of pre-siege levels, despite new fuel announcement

    17 November 2023
  • Major European banks back mining giant Glencore's toxic legacy in Colombia and Peru

    16 November 2023
  • Oxfam Reaction to Malta's UN Security Council Resolution on Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory

    15 November 2023