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  • After eight years of war, Yemen on the brink of economic collapse – Oxfam

    23 March 2023
  • Oxfam reaction to IPCC’s Synthesis Report (SYR)

    20 March 2023
  • Land used for European biofuels could feed 120 million people daily

    9 March 2023
  • Cox’s Bazar camp fire: Oxfam responding with food and shelter

    6 March 2023
  • Yemen pledging conference "nowhere near enough" - Oxfam reaction

    28 February 2023
  • Oxfam reaction to President Biden’s nomination of former Mastercard chief as World Bank president

    23 February 2023
  • French NGOs take BNP Paribas to court in world’s first climate lawsuit against a commercial bank

    23 February 2023
  • World Bank "evolution" test will be hiring process of new President: Oxfam

    15 February 2023
  • EU keeps joke tax havens list for the super-rich and profitable

    14 February 2023