Oxfam GB confirms that license to operate in northern Sudan revoked

International aid agency Oxfam Great Britain confirmed that the Sudanese government today revoked its license to operate in northern Sudan.

The agency said it is appealing the decision and hopes the matter can be resolved quickly. The agency urged the Government of Sudan to allow it to continue its vital humanitarian efforts, affecting hundreds of thousands of lives.

Penny Lawrence, Oxfam's International Director, said:

"If Oxfam Great Britain's registration is revoked, it will affect more than 600,000 Sudanese people whom we provide with vital humanitarian and development aid, including clean water and sanitation on a daily basis. 400,000 of them are affected by the ongoing conflict in Darfur - where people continue to flee from violence and the humanitarian needs remain enormous. It will also affect another 200,000 poor people in the east of the country and Khartoum state."

Oxfam GB has operated in northern Sudan since 1983 and currently has 450 staff, 90% of whom are Sudanese. Oxfam is an independent, impartial non-governmental organization, with absolutely no links to the ICC. Oxfam does not have an opinion on the Court's activities, and our sole focus is meeting humanitarian and development needs in Sudan.

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