Humanitarian Key Facts

There is a woman, a child, a man behind every statistic, and the numbers are very large

Publication date: 18 August 2015
Author: Naomi Meneghini-Relf, Laura Searle, Ed Cairns and Rosie Ball

Oxfam is one of the world’s leading providers of humanitarian aid in emergencies. In 2014–15, it supported more than 8 million people in crisis. Whenever and wherever there is a widespread threat to people’s life and security, Oxfam will respond where it believes it can make a positive difference. We deliver assistance (including, water, sanitation, emergency food security and livelihoods) and strive to ensure civilians are protected from violence. We campaign for the rights of those affected to be respected, their needs met, and for the reasons that they are in crisis in the first place to be addressed – as part of a rights-based approach to overcoming poverty, suffering and injustice.

Humanitarian Key Facts (to be updated on a regular basis) draws attention to the scale and impact of recent humanitarian crises, and the need for both greater assistance and lasting solutions to the millions of people affected by conflict, violence and disasters.