Lebanon looking ahead in times of crisis

Taking stock of the present to urgently build sustainable options for the future

Publication date: 14 December 2015
Author: Sally Abi Khalil; Valentina Bacchin

Since the outbreak of the crisis in Syria in March 2011, Lebanon has felt the impact politically, socially and economically. More than four years into the crisis and with an all-out war on its doorstep, the country is experiencing ever greater repercussions. Lebanon now hosts the highest number of refugees per capita in the world, with one in five inhabitants a refugee.

This paper draws on Oxfam's research among refugees and host communities in Lebanon in 2015. It aims to contribute to an urgent discussion of both interim and longer term solutions to address protection issues, living conditions, access to services and reduced aid dependency for refugees; along with stronger social protection, access to services and greater employment opportunities for poor and vulnerable Lebanese.