A new vision for a Europe that delivers for all

Common statement by 177 civil society organisations and trade unions

Publication date: 12 September 2016

Europe is facing a series of crises that are questioning its future and which calls for new solutions. But first of all a reflection needs to be made: how do we ensure that the European project delivers on its promise of peace, democracy and solidarity? How can Europe work for its people?

The impact of austerity, domestic economic hardship and heightened concerns over migration have set the stage for mounting euro-scepticism, nationalism and intolerant movements across societies, trumping the values of cooperation, humanity and solidarity and creating deep, dangerous rifts into the social fabric.

In the face of rising disillusion and disgruntlement among European citizens, there are groups of politicians, trade unions and NGOs which are voicing their willingness to work on a renewed, progressive vision for Europe that delivers positive results for everyone.

Countering harmful trends alongside the factors fuelling them requires sustained international cooperation, as not one country can do it on its own.  That is where the European Union needs to take the lead, by working to better meet citizens’ concerns and put forward an inclusive vision that benefits all members of society.