Oxfam’s guide to feminist influencing

Publication date: 7 March 2019
Author: Chloe Safier, Shawna Wakefield, Rowan Harvey, Rebecca Rewald

The Oxfam guide to feminist influencing is designed to help Oxfam staff apply feminist principles and practices to campaigning (including digital and public campaigns), policy, advocacy and influencing. It will help us translate “putting women’s rights at the heart of all we do” into clear simple steps, ideas and actions, with an emphasis on transforming unequal gender and power relations.

The ideas, strategy and tools presented here are applicable to any issue area and so can be used to either integrate gender, or create gender-focused work, across all the themes and issues we work on.

This guide is for everyone working in the policy, advocacy, campaigning and influencing space; you don’t have to be a gender specialist to challenge oppression and contribute to gender equality. Staff at all levels and in any role can use this guide to make their influencing work more feminist.