Who is growing? Ending inequality in Uganda

A study of the drivers of inequality in Uganda

Publication date: 29 March 2017
Author: Prof. Agustus Nuwagaba and Dr. Fred Muhumuza

Oxfam’s global Even It Up campaign aims to set the terms of the debate and to amplify the voices of people and CSOs in order to influence change and advocate for effective policies and practices that will have a lasting impact. This study of inequality in Uganda nationalizes the global campaign and seeks to explain inequality and its drivers in the Ugandan context. 

Its findings will inform future interventions by Oxfam and its partners and will lay a foundation for dialogue on inequality and its impacts in Uganda. This is intended to influence policy makers and other stakeholders to understand and effectively address growing inequality by putting in place policies and structures that encourage inclusive growth and create an environment where ordinary Ugandans can demand interventions that will reduce inequality and injustice.  

The study builds on existing literature on levels and trends of inequality in Uganda to gather evidence on how inequality manifests itself and how it affects different people across different social, political and economic strata.