Policy Papers

We work on the ground with people living in poverty to make a practical difference, we gather evidence and share knowledge to show what works and what needs to change. From world leaders to multi-national corporations, we challenge opinions and change practices, locally and globally, to bring about lasting results.

Here you'll find a wide selection of reports and papers on the programming, advocacy and research that we undertake in order to achieve our aims. You can browse and download publications by topic and/or date.

Latest publications


  • IDA21 Public Enemy #1: Rising Inequality

    1 July 2024
  • Open statement: stop spending development funds on for-profit private healthcare providers

    6 June 2024
  • EU at the Crossroads

    27 May 2024
  • Oxfam's Ghada Alhaddad stands in the Al-Mawasi area, collecting notes and reflections from people on the ground.

    Oxfam 6-month accountability report: Occupied Palestinian Territory and Israel crisis

    13 May 2024
  • Briefing on the Global Sovereign Debt Roundtable

    2 April 2024
  • Two years at the forefront: Exploring the needs and experiences of women-led, women’s rights, and LGBTQIA+ led organizations two years into the Ukraine humanitarian response.

    22 February 2024
  • Summary

    Inequality Inc.

    15 January 2024
  • EU to decide on new rules to stop corporate abuse

    16 November 2023
  • Further into the Margins: A regional report on Roma communities displaced by the Ukraine crisis

    29 September 2023
  • Six months

    Six months after the earthquake: Oxfam’s response in Türkiye and Syria

    22 August 2023