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We work on the ground with people living in poverty to make a practical difference, we gather evidence and share knowledge to show what works and what needs to change. From world leaders to multi-national corporations, we challenge opinions and change practices, locally and globally, to bring about lasting results.

Here you'll find a wide selection of reports and papers on the programming, advocacy and research that we undertake in order to achieve our aims. You can browse and download publications by topic and/or date.

Latest publications


  • Muhubo Mohamed Hassen, 30, mother of seven lives in one of the rural places in Ethiopia’s Somali region.

    The hunger virus: how COVID-19 is fuelling hunger in a hungry world

    9 July 2020
  • Credit: Bill Marwa

    Women’s rights from the ground up

    25 June 2020
  • Sarah, a fruit vendor in Kampala, Uganda.

    Care in the time of coronavirus

    25 June 2020
  • Seafood workers in Thailand

    Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on small-scale producers and workers

    22 June 2020
  • Aida Kaabi doing her laundry.

    Fiscal justice in Tunisia: a vaccine against austerity

    17 June 2020
  • Hygiene kits distribution in Bangladesh with participants keep to social distance

    No one is safe from coronavirus until everyone is

    12 June 2020
  • « Nous avons besoin de tout, d’eau, de nourriture, d’abris. » explique Mariam.

    Survivors and heroines: women in the crisis in Burkina Faso

    25 May 2020
  • Yasser, four, and Ibrahim, three, sit on a bike. Photo: Tanya Habjouqa/Oxfam

    Violence and impunity in the West Bank during the COVID-19 pandemic

    19 May 2020
  • Hygiene kit distribution in Taiz, Yemen

    Whatever it takes: aid and the coronavirus pandemic

    6 May 2020
  • Supporting fair tax systems

    30 April 2020
  • G20 must cancel debt to stop coronavirus ‘third wave’ devastating developing countries

    14 April 2020
  • Anges cares for her sick son in her home in Mashimoni village, Kenya.

    Dignity not destitution

    9 April 2020
  • Voices Rising report cover image

    Voices Rising

    1 April 2020
  • Moeen Alzuriqi (Protection Officer) at hygiene kit distribution in Alkoba IDP Camp, Taiz, Yemen.

    How to confront the coronavirus catastrophe

    30 March 2020
  • Sharuja Polaq, a small village in Kirkuk district, has welcomed 170 displaced familes forced to flee their homes due to fighting with ISIS (there's an average of 8 people in each family).  Photo credit: Tommy Trenchard/Oxfam

    Protection landscapes in Diyala and Kirkuk, Iraq

    5 March 2020
  • Ellina and her daughter collect water from a tap connected to an Oxfam solar-powered piped water system, Bubi District, Zimbabwe. Photo: Aurelie Marrier d’Unienville/Oxfam

    Unlocking sustainable development in Africa by addressing unpaid care and domestic work

    2 February 2020
  • Rebecca is an entrepreneur who owns a vegetable farm in South Sudan. Photo: Bullen Chol/Oxfam.

    Our search for peace

    30 January 2020