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 Neem Mibimba, 28. President of the Women's Forum.DRC

Active citizenship case studies

16 January 2015
The innovation hub, co-working space, and tech-loaded event and meeting space. Hargeisa, Somaliland. Credit: Pablo Tosco/Oxfam

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23 August 2019
Movilizar el poder de las personas para transformar el espacio de la sociedad civil. Credito:John Ferguson/Oxfam

Space to be heard

24 July 2018
Rosalyn Martinez, 26yrs, collects water from a water pump in the GMA Resettlement Area, North Tacloban, Philippines with her 7 year old daughter Angel. Aurelie Marrier d'Unienville / Oxfam


6 June 2008
Wewak, Papua new Guinea: Oxfam WASH advisor Justin with a tap that Oxfam recently installed. Credit: Patrick Moran/OxfamAUS

Papua New Guinea

11 June 2008
Members of Wezesha Jamii attend a group meeting in Mathare Ward, Mashimoni Village, in Nairobi, Kenya. Credit: Katie G. Nelson/Oxfam


6 June 2008
Nouakchott Fisherman's Beach, Mauritania. Credit: Migueltxo Molina/Oxfam Intermón


12 June 2008
Young, Malian activist Adam sits holding a mask

Generation pandemic: Why leaders must include youth in coronavirus response

Blog by Sagal Ali and Raina Fox
11 August 2020