Caline and Theophile, small-hold farmers in rural Burundi. Photo: Lisa Murray/Oxfam

From drawings to reality: boosting agricultural production in Burundi

For Calinie and Theophile, like many small-hold farmers in rural Burundi, crop failures were once a fact of life due to limited agricultural knowledge, the extreme paucity of arable land and high levels of soil erosion. Thanks to an innovative farming approach supported by Oxfam, they increased in yields and incomes to ensure a better quality of life for their children, now aged six to 22 years.
An Oxfam water tank at Nyarugusu Refugee Camp, in Tanzania. Photo: Bill Marwa

Burundian refugees find safety in Tanzania but also new challenges

Tanzania is currently hosting over 110,000 Burundians within two camps, Nyarugusu and Nduta, which was recently opened to relieve overcrowding. More refugees continue to arrive in their hundreds every day and aid agencies face difficult decisions about where to use their limited resources.

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