development financing

development financing

Accountability and ownership

As the world marks a year since the signing of the Sustainable Development Agenda, Oxfam has outlined a new vision for the role of development aid. This report sets out how more effective aid can support both people and governments.

Valletta migration summit must not be hijacked by EU border agenda

EU and African leaders neet to use the Valletta summit to address the causes forcing people to flee their homes if the meeting is to benefit the populations of the African countries taking part. The EU must let human rights be the focus at Valletta and not prioritize the EU's own agenda of tightened borders and increased state security.

Corporate stranglehold on development finance must end in Addis

The corporate grip on development finance must be loosened if the Finance for Development Conference is going to help mobilize the resources needed to overcome poverty. Oxfam issued this warning ahead of third Finance for Development Conference which is to be held in Addis, Ethiopia from 13 - 16 July.

Hands full of seeds - Finance for Development Conference. Photo: Oxfam

From 13-16 July, World leaders will gather at the International Conference on Financing for Development (FfD) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. If you care about tackling poverty, climate change and inequality, now is the time to speak-out.

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