global tax justice

global tax justice

Tax havens fuel inequality and hold back the fight against poverty. This simply has to stop.

Inequality and poverty: the hidden costs of tax dodging

Since 2014, a huge number of documents have revealed how powerful corporations and super-rich individuals are exploiting a rigged global system that allows them to avoid paying their fair share of tax. And it’s the world’s poorest people who pay the price. Add your voice and join the fight against tax havens.

Panama Papers reveal how billions of dollars are funneled to tax havens

“The Panama Papers give us a disturbing look into the murky world of tax dodging, a problem that governments and international institutions refuse to tackle head-on. The true scandal is that many of the cases uncovered are not always illegal, but instead, fully legal practices that ruthless abuse a weak and inadequate tax system."

Getting to Good: Towards responsible corporate tax behavior

This discussion paper proposes what ‘good’ looks like in responsible corporate tax behavior, and contains a wide range of positive behaviors and actions companies can undertake to go beyond legal compliance and result in significant gains for developing countries.

IF boats, fair tax. Photo credit: Andrew Aitchison/IF

Global week of action for Tax Justice

Global Tax Justice: a week of action, took place everywhere (June 16th - 23rd), to demand an international tax system that represents the interests of the many, not the few.


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