global tax system

global tax system

Rachel Oichoe, 9, attends class at Jaombi Foundation School, Kenya.

The case for a billionaire tax

Ending extreme inequality to end poverty has no lack of policy options: from corporate tax reform to investment in health and education, and from raising the minimum wage to ending gender discrimination. This discussion paper aims to put one of these solutions on the agenda: the billionaire tax.

Tax havens fuel inequality and hold back the fight against poverty. This simply has to stop.

Inequality and poverty: the hidden costs of tax dodging

Since 2014, a huge number of documents have revealed how powerful corporations and super-rich individuals are exploiting a rigged global system that allows them to avoid paying their fair share of tax. And it’s the world’s poorest people who pay the price. Add your voice and join the fight against tax havens.

IF boats, fair tax. Photo credit: Andrew Aitchison/IF

Global week of action for Tax Justice

Global Tax Justice: a week of action, took place everywhere (June 16th - 23rd), to demand an international tax system that represents the interests of the many, not the few.

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