refugee crisis

refugee crisis

How the world should respond to humanitarian crises

From Syria to South Sudan, the lives of more than 125 million people around the world have been devastated by conflict or disaster. It is time for the international community to change how it provides humanitarian aid to these vulnerable populations.

Oxfam is providing clean water for the IDP centers. A water tank built in Hariso by Oxfam provides 10 000 cubic metres of clean water per day.

Commitment to change

This briefing sets out Oxfam’s challenge to world leaders who fail to resolve conflicts, permit warring parties to ignore International Humanitarian Law, and do everything possible to keep the world’s refugees and displaced people from their doors.

There are now more than 50 000 refugees currently stranded in Greece. Their situation is increasingly worsening.

Stranded in Greece: the long refugee road to nowhere

Every day, boatloads of people fleeing war and poverty arrive on the small Greek Island of Lesbos from Turkey. They have risked their lives on a dangerous voyage with no guarantees. They are now stranded in Greece, without hope of continuing their journey to Europe. They need your help. 

Selective border closures greatly increase human suffering

Stop discriminatory and dangerous border closures

Selective border closures and quota for people on the move greatly increase human suffering and clearly infringe international and European law that protect the right to seek asylum, a coalition of 26 NGOs criticise in a joint statement.


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