Refugees and asylum seekers

Refugees and asylum seekers

Hannan, 20, disposes of waste water with her son Mohammed*, 2, at an informal settlement for Syrian refugees near the town of Baalbek in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley. Photo: Sam Tarling/Oxfam

Rights refused: 5 fundamental needs denied to refugees

All around the world, war, violence, poverty, famine and disasters force ordinary people from their homes every day, as they desperately search for safety and protection. Many have left everything behind and end up living in squalid conditions with not enough food, clean water or proper sanitation. You can help.

More than 500 migrants land at the military port of Lampedusa.

Hotspot, rights denied

This paper from Oxfam Italia examines the hotspot approach in Italy through the experiences of humanitarian agencies and civil society organizations on the ground, and through the voices of migrants themselves.

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