ressources naturelles

  • Paulo Lopes holding some of the tomatoes and acerolas that he has been able to grow using the water from his cisterns. Credit: Gilvan Barreto/Oxfam

    Food, climate and natural resources

    23 August 2019
  • Fatoumata lives in Burkina Faso. She is a cattle rancher and milk producer. Every day she travels 20km to Bobo to sell her milk and milk produced by the other families in her community. Photo: Pablo Tasco/Oxfam

    Sahel: fighting inequality to respond to development and security challenges

    2 July 2019
  • A warning sign, Sadiola Hill Gold Mine, western Mali; August 2006. Photo: Brett Eloff

    Community Consent Index 2015

    22 July 2015
  • Risky Business

    17 April 2012
  • Ending poverty need not be at the expense of the environment

    13 February 2012
  • Left Behind by the G20?

    19 January 2012
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    4 October 2010
  • Lifting the Resource Curse

    24 November 2009