women workers

  • Cover of the "Women Worker Representation" report

    Women’s perspectives matter

    20 December 2020
  • Atsede Getaneth, a mother of two, working as a vegetable street vendor in Addis, Ethiopia.

    “I might not survive this pandemic but right now I am their mother”

    8 May 2020
  • Pedro, fruit worker in Brazil

    Food workers on the frontline of coronavirus

    1 May 2020
  • Melati showing that the shrimp cocktail that served for european class society, coming from her sweat, sacrifice to stay in the unconvenient dorm, lower minimum wage.

    Behind the seafood in our markets: stories of human suffering

    4 July 2018
  • Hoan works in a farment factory in North Vietnam, where she works on average 62 hours each week, earning around $1 an hour.

    Why the majority of the world’s poor are women

    2 March 2017
  • Understanding wage issues in the tea industry

    1 May 2013