An unequal responsibility: which countries take in the most refugees?

Almost 23 million people have fled their homes in search of safety and protection. Nearly 84% of them are hosted by poor countries. Call for world leaders to take their fair share of responsability and protect the lives of all refugees and migrants.

The refugee crisis shows no signs of slowing down; conflicts from Syria to Yemen to South Sudan continue to force thousands of people from their homes every day. Almost 23 million people – more than half of them children – have crossed borders in search of safety and protection. Families are being torn apart and many women, men and children have lost their lives.

Yet many governments have turned their backs, and are not taking anything close to their fair share of responsibility. The six wealthiest countries, with the most capacity to extend shelter, education and health care, host less than nine percent of the world’s refugees.

The vast majority of refugees – nearly 84% – are hosted by poorer countries; countries that already struggle to meet the needs of their own citizens or are at risk of compromising their own stability.

Who's carrying the bulk of the responsibility to host refugees?

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The responsibility for helping people forced to flee cannot continue to fall on the shoulders of the poorest countries.

No country or region can resolve this desperate situation on their own. That’s why we urgently need a global solution – one in which every government plays its part.