Bonn sets stage for climate change adaptation finance showdown

Published: 26th May 2016

As climate talks in Germany wrap up, both poor and rich nations increasingly recognize that fixing the climate change adaptation funding gap, one of the biggest holes in the Paris Agreement, will be a major challenge at the next United Nations conference in Morocco.

Oxfam climate change expert Tracy Carty said: "With climate change adaptation firmly on the to-do list for the next conference in November, negotiators from developed countries now have to put together a serious proposal for how to fill the current huge gap in funding. Climate change is devastating, and people in poverty around the world are reeling from its effects. The supercharged El Niño has left millions facing food shortages due to the extreme weather.

"Oxfam's shown how the poorest 50% of the world produce just 10% of carbon emissions. Wealthy countries must not shy away from the commitment they've made to provide $100 billion to support the world's poorest, who are least responsible for climate change, and most vulnerable to its floods, storms, droughts, and diseases.

"Incoming UN climate chief Patricia Espinosa showed her considerable diplomatic skills when she successfully presided over the 2010 conference in Mexico. Once again, she has her work cut out for her. For too long, poor countries have been left alone in trying to adapt to the world's changing climate. We look forward to seeing how she tackles this monumental challenge in the lead up to the next conference in Marrakech."

Notes to editors

In a report released at the start of the Bonn talks, "Unfinished Business: How to close the post-Paris adaptation finance gap," Oxfam describes how the Paris agreement does not guarantee that poor countries will receive the financial support they need to afford expensive climate adaptation measures, such as flood defenses and drought-resistant crops.

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