G20 needs to seize opportunity on Robin Hood tax and climate finance

Published: 17th October 2011

On Robin Hood tax/financial transaction tax

Speaking at the G20 finance ministers meeting, Max Lawson, Oxfam spokesperson, said: “While the G20 squabbles, poor people from Greece to Ghana are struggling to keep their heads above the economic storm. A Robin Hood tax would throw them a lifeline.

“France needs to show real leadership and build the biggest possible coalition in favor of a Robin Hood tax. South Africa's strong support is a step forward. The UK and other opponents should put the needs of the poor ahead of the special pleading of banks and hedge funds and add their weight to the growing momentum for change.”

On climate

Lawson said: “France and South Africa are showing real leadership in mobilizing the cash poor countries need to tackle climate change. Other countries must rally around their proposals.

”A fair carbon charge on international shipping and aviation will be key to the prospects of a global deal in Durban.”

Notes to editors

The finance ministers of France (current chair of the G20) and South Africa (President of next year’s UN climate talks) issued a statement at the G20 finance ministers meeting calling for action to deliver climate finance for poor countries and declaring ‘strong support’ a financial transaction tax to raise money for climate and development.

Oxfam is calling on the G20 to introduce a Robin Hood Tax on financial transactions to raise billions to tackle poverty and protect people from climate change.

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