Oxfam reaction to the FAO's announcement on global food prices

Published: 7th April 2011

In response to the Food and Agriculture Organization’s announcement that global food prices slightly decreased last month, Oxfam’s policy advisor Luca Chinotti said: 

“With many poor communities already feeling the effects of higher food prices and grain stocks in the main food exporting countries at dangerously low levels, sighs of relief in response to today’s announcement by the FAO would be premature. Food remains far too expensive for many poor people and the lingering threat of erratic food prices means that the situation could get worse very quickly. Cereal prices are still 60% higher than in March 2010 and extremely volatile."   "Urgent action is needed to avoid a global food crisis like that of 2008. Governments must boost food production in developing countries, halt the drive for biofuels, be transparent about their food stocks and ensure that adequate mechanisms and resources are available to help poor countries and people cope."   “No long term solution to food price volatility and hunger will be possible unless governments take bold action to increase fairness, resilience and sustainability in the world food system. It is crucial that governments in the G20 and the Committee on World Food Security increase investments in small-scale sustainable agriculture across the developing world and boost community based, national and regional stocks in developing countries. Developed countries should cut emissions and deliver substantial resources so that developing countries can adapt to climate change." 

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