Oxfam reaction: Israeli government announces Erez Crossing and Ashdod Port will now allow humanitarian aid into Gaza

Published: 5th April 2024

Responding to the announcement by the Israeli government that Erez Crossing and Ashdod Port will now allow humanitarian aid into Gaza, Sally Abi Khalil, Oxfam Middle East and North Africa Director said:

"Israel’s announced opening of the Erez Crossing and use of Ashdod Port for humanitarian aid are welcome but long overdue and insufficient steps to meet the immense needs of Palestinians in Gaza, who have been under siege and bombardment for six months. Given the scale of suffering across Gaza and that famine is imminent in the north, these routes must be operational as soon as possible, the process of allowing aid in must be speeded up and permanent.

"As the quickest and most effective way to get aid into Gaza is overland, all other crossings must also immediately be opened with full access for all humanitarian agencies. The expansion announced today must not be used as a rationale for closing any of the current access routes. Above all, what the people of Gaza need is a permanent ceasefire to end the death and destruction."

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