UN Security Council resolution for a new peacekeeping mission in CAR a welcome first step

Published: 10th April 2014

Oxfam reaction to UN Security Council resolution for a new peacekeeping mission, MINUSCA, in the Central African Republic by Mohamed Mechmache Country Director for Oxfam in CAR:

“The UN Security Council has shown today that it is paying real attention to the suffering and protection needs of civilians stranded by daily violence within CAR. This resolution is a first step and most welcome, however the MINUSCA Peacekeeping mission will ultimately be judged by the difference it makes on the lives of Central Africans.”

“The International community’s next step is to guarantee that MINUSCA is fully equipped and that enough troops are committed to have a real impact. But in the mean time, more needs to be done to immediately stop ongoing violence by ensuring that the present AU mission, MISCA, has additional troops, funding and essential communications and logistics equipment it requires to protect civilians.”

“While some French international forces (Sangaris) are already on the ground and working alongside MISCA troops to try to protect civilians, it is key that EU troops (EUFOR) also deploy urgently and consider Protection of Civilians as their number one priority. Further, all forces should assure interventions are closely coordinated.”

“Establishing stability will also require long-term and durable engagement in the Central African Republic. Instead of pushing for elections in February 2015, MINUSCA should focus on helping to re-establish the state and ensure the right political environment is in place, so that elections strengthen intercommunal peace and stability rather than fuel violence and more conflict.”

“Beside sending more peacekeepers, the International Community should provide increased humanitarian financing. The needs within CAR and neighboring countries, that host rising refugee populations, are growing and funding to address basic humanitarian assistance is vital.”

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