The IMF and Lebanon: The long road ahead

An assessment of how Lebanon’s economy may be stabilized while battling a triple crisis and recovering from a deadly blast

Publication date: 15 October 2020
Authors: Nabil Abdo, Dana Abed, Bachir Ayoub

Lebanon is extremely unequal and has been rocked by massive protests in recent months. The country is facing a financial crisis and is in talks with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) about a potential bailout programme. Other IMF programmes in the region have focused on austerity and have driven increases in poverty and inequality.

A business-as-usual approach by the IMF in Lebanon could have serious and far-reaching adverse impacts. Any potential policies pushed by the IMF in Lebanon must first be shown not to impact negatively on economic and gender inequalities, and must be drawn up transparently in consultation with local communities, civil society organizations and social movements.