Oxfam’s position paper on IDA20 replenishment

Publication date: 16 June 2021
Author: Oxfam

Given the tremendous financing needs, Oxfam supports a strong IDA20 replenishment. We are calling for a robust policy package attached to IDA20 that is appropriately ambitious for the next three years--aimed at supporting an end to this pandemic as quickly as possible, and propelling IDA countries forward towards a just economy after COVID-19 that is more equal and inclusive, that protects the planet, and that ends poverty.

While the wealthy have only gotten richer through the pandemic, the World Bank has shown that global extreme poverty is expected to rise for the first time in 20 years. It is also likely that for the first time in recorded history inequality will rise in virtually every country on earth. The crisis of poverty simply cannot be addressed without tackling inequality. IDA20 must take every opportunity to support countries to reduce inequality and, by doing so, reduce poverty and mitigate the impact of future crises.

This starts with supporting an equitable, quicker, free, and universal vaccine rollout. It also means investing in longer term health systems that are free of user fees; getting girls back in school and investing in public and free education; building universal social protection systems; investing in care infrastructure and services; and fighting climate change. It means supporting governments to increase tax revenues but doing so fairly and progressively.

In this position paper, Oxfam makes recommended policy commitments for IDA20, proposed indicators to use for the IDA20 Results Measurement System (RMS), and provides a rationale for each proposal.