Campaign publications

Campaign publications

Our worldwide campaign launched in 2018 with a global report, Ripe for Change, and a series of country-specific case studies, which expose the root causes behind the human suffering in the global food supply chains of supermarkets.

In 2019 our research and focus on workers rights, showed how these food supply chains can be rife with violations of human, labour and women’s rights. This wealth of information shows us just how important it is to push our supermarkets to do better.You can access all these resources here.

Global campaign reports

Not in this together

This report presents compelling new evidence that supermarket shareholders and owners are some of the biggest winners in the Covid-19 pandemic, while women workers are losing out.

Workers’ rights in supermarket supply chains

This report shows the scale of human suffering in food production in India and Brazil linked to international supermarket supply chains.

Ripe for change

This report launches Oxfam’s campaign to expose the root causes behind human suffering in food supply chains and to mobilize the power of people around the world to help end it.

Supermarket responsibilities for supply chain workers' rights

This report assesses recent progress in realizing workers' rights in seafood supply chains originating in Southeast Asia.

Case studies

Addressing the human cost of Assam tea

An agenda for change to respect, protect and fulfil human rights on Assam tea plantations

Sweet and sour

An investigation of conditions on tropical fruit farms in North-East Brazil

A fair share for Georgia’s grape growers

Despite the rapid growth of Georgia’s wine industry, small-scale grape growers are continuing to live in poverty.

Human suffering in Italy’s agricultural value chain

The endemic exploitation of farm workers in Italy who supply supermarkets across Europe.

Land but no freedom

Debt, poverty and human suffering in the Philippine banana trade

The plight of pineapple and banana workers in retail supply chains

Continuing evidence of rights violations in Costa Rica and Ecuador

Tuzamurane Pineapple Cooperative, Rwanda

Empowering small-scale farmers to benefit from the global market

Taking a fresh approach

Enabling local producers to meet rising demand in West Africa’s dairy sector .

Sweet Fruits, Bitter Lives

Brazil is the third largest producer of fruit in the world, but does not guarantee decent wages and conditions for most fruit workers. 

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Behind your shopping 

An analysis of corporate responsibility in human rights in the supply chains of Brazil’s largest supermarkets.

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Coffee Stain 

This report exposes the violations of basic rights of rural workers on coffee plantations in Brazil, addressing the responsibility of supermarkets, cooperatives and other large companies.

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