Somalia staff testimonies

Khalid Mohammed - Public Health Assistant

1. Why have you decided to work as a humanitarian?

I decided to be a humanitarian actor to provide life-saving assistance to people suffering all over the world. Humanitarian work is more than a job, it’s a calling to serve humanity and make people’s lives better. It requires sacrifice, devotion, and commitment to saving and transforming the lives of the most vulnerable children around the globe. As a humanitarian worker, I am proud to have contributed my skills, knowledge, and experience to strengthen the capacity of our communities to enable them to adapt to harsh climates.

2. What is the impact of the humanitarian work? 

Humanitarian work has an impact on people affected by conflicts, disasters, and povertyIt saves lives and aims to reduce the suffering of peopleHumanitarians promote human welfare. They also try to raise awarness of good practices among society, whether it is better hygiene or protecting the rights of women and girls in society.

3. How do you feel working as a humanitarian worker?

A major benefit of doing humanitarian work is the immense satisfaction I feel knowing that I have made a difference in the lives of those in need. While helping people in stressful and difficult situations, it can also be a terrific opportunity to discover more about oneself and what one is capable of. It is fulfilling to provide love and aid to those most in need, even though this work puts us sometimes in danger.

4. What are the challenges that you face?   

Humanitarian work can also be challenging, and sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes even traumatic and depressing, especially when you work in fragile and conflict contexts. I was kidnapped back in December 2021 for 24 hours at the Hor-fadhi area near Buuhodle where heavy guns were exchanged by the government troops and the others militias. This accident did not stop me from continuing my work in humanitarian aid.

5. As a humanitarian worker, what is your message to the world?

My message to this day is “do whatever you can to support and help the people around you”.

Hodan Mohamed- Water Engineer 

1. Why have you decided to work as a humanitarian?

I choose to work in the humanitarian sector because I’m motivated to help people and impact their lives positively. There are many humanitarian challenges we face, such as conflict, and disasters that leave communities in desperate need of assistance. To be able to help and provide support no matter how small is immensely satisfying.

2. What are the challenges that you face?

Working in remote locations presents a lot of challenges but one gets to see the positive impacts from the people that we work with, especially women and girls. Through these engagements, we are also able to learn and adapt so that we can support communities better. I'm always inspired by the resilience of communities of mothers and their children who have struggled through many hardships.

3. As a humanitarian, what is your message to the world? 

Help or save the life of someone else, no matter how big or small the challenge is. Keep delivering and providing support to vulnerable people affected by crises and disasters. We are grateful to all donors who make emergency responses around the world.